Back to School Home Trends

August 1, 2023

It’s hard to believe, but the dog days of summer are soon coming to an end. For busy families, this means the start of the back-to-school countdown . To ease the transition into a busy fall, Honey Homes’ team of experts have identified the top five home projects families should prioritize before the first yellow school bus shows up on the block. From creating organized study areas to boosting productivity, these ideas will keep your home running smoothly and efficiently to ensure a successful start to the coming school year.

Create a Study Space: Set up a dedicated study area for your kids with a comfortable desk, ergonomic chair, and good lighting. Declutter and organize storage areas, such as closets and shelves, to make it easier for your kids to access their school supplies, books, and backpacks. A well-organized space can improve focus and productivity.

Install a Whiteboard or Corkboard: Hang a whiteboard or corkboard in the study area or a common space to help your kids keep track of assignments, schedules, and important dates. You can even add motivational quotes, inspiring artwork, and achievements to boost your kids' confidence through the school year.

Set up a Backpack Station: Don’t let your entryway become clutter central: designate a spot near the entryway for backpacks, shoes, and jackets. From hooks to cubbies to benches, the right storage keeps things tidy and ensures that school essentials are ready to go each morning.

Promote Rest and Relaxation: Ensure your kids get quality sleep by updating their bedding, installing blackout curtains, and minimizing distractions in their bedrooms. Add indoor plants or an air purifier to create a healthy environment for studying and concentration.

Upgrade Kitchen Organization: Enhance kitchen organization by adding shelves, racks, or drawer dividers to store lunch boxes, snacks, and meal prep items for easy access during busy school days.

With a little bit of planning, these five tips can help smooth the transition from summer vacation to the new school year and set your entire family up for success. If the thought of getting these tasks done before school starts is overwhelming, Honey Homes can help! Go to to set up a free walkthrough with your own dedicated handyman and start turning those to-dos into to-DONES.

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