Service Coverage Policy


This Policy describes the services to be provided by Honey Homes, which may include the provision of home maintenance and upkeep services, and the maintenance, repair, or replacement of appliances and home systems.  This Policy forms part of our Terms of Service, available at 

Honey Homes reserves the right to update this Policy from time to time.  The changes will be effective upon thirty (30) days’ after posting, unless the changes are necessary to comply with applicable laws or regulations, in which case, they will become effective upon posting.

Your Honey Homes membership includes various home maintenance and upkeep services. Certain specialty services, such as involved electrical work or window cleaning, require specialized vendors, and thus may have an incremental charge. There is no requirement to purchase any specialty services.

Maintenance Services

The following appliances will be maintained per the manufacturer’s specifications as part of your membership with the Service:

• Kitchen refrigerator & freezer
• Range or separate stove top and up to two ovens
• Range hood
• Microwave (if built-in)
• Dishwasher
• Garbage disposal
• Instant Hot Water Heater (if built-in)
• Water filter tap (if built-in)
• Wine or beverage fridge
• All bathroom fans and vents
• Up to two HVAC units consisting of furnace and air conditioning
• Up to two water heaters
• Washing machine
• Clothes dryer
• Up to three garage door openers
• Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Consumables, such as air and water filters, batteries, and cleaning supplies, will be billed to you.


In addition to interior appliance maintenance, the following perks may be offered in your neighborhood. You must opt-in to these services. Many services are included with your membership at no additional cost, however some may have an additional fee for specialized labor and materials. The timing of these services will be available in the Honey Homes app, and the offering may change based on customer requests and feedback, and are subject to change.

• Charity donation pickup (e.g. Salvation Army) - twice per calendar year
• Gutter checkup - once per yearSolar panel cleaning
• Break down extra cardboard boxes - once per month
• Knife sharpening
• Document shredding
• Hang and take down holiday lights
• Garbage bin powerwashing
• Deep carpet cleaning
• Deep bathroom cleaning
• Window washing
• Pest control

Handyman Services

As a member of Honey Homes, you have access to your neighborhood Hanydman. You may message him/her in the Honey Homes app at any time, and you’ll get a response within 24 hours. For urgent matters, you can call Honey Homes directly at (510) 930-0732. Most lightweight handyman work is included in your membership for no additional fee. Because a house is such a complex system, it is not possible to detail everything that is included. For certain, more complex jobs that may require specialized labor, skill or materials, we may provide you with a quote from a third party vendor. Materials may be provided by the customer or Honey Homes can provide them and bill you. The following are illustrative examples of what types of labor are included.

• Fixing a broken light switch
• Installing a smart lock or doorbell
• Repairing a small wall hole from a broken hook
• Fixing a creaking door
• Replacing the liner at the bottom of garage door
• Replacing interior or exterior light bulbs
• Hanging artwork
• Assisting in moving furniture
• Installing new wifi
• Hanging a TV

Customer Service

Messaging services via the Honey Homes app are available at all times, and response can be expected within 24 hours. For urgent matters, you may choose to contact us via the phone at (510) 930-0732. Honey Homes will dispatch your call to a qualified handyman or service provider and coordinate a mutually convenient appointment time; additional efforts are made in emergency situations. If you should request Honey Homes to perform non-emergency service outside of normal business hours, you may be responsible for payment of additional fees, including overtime charges.