Continuing To Deliver On Our Promise To Homeowners

October 9, 2023

Two years ago, we launched Honey Homes to replace the stress of homeownership with the joy of comfortable living. Our founding team had all experienced the frustration of never ending home to-do lists and trying to find trustworthy tradesworkers. We knew a better solution needed to exist that could deliver on what homeowners want: trust, quality, and availability.

Today, we’re proud to announce that over 1,000 homeowners have chosen comfort over hassle. Our membership has doubled in just over three months across the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas. This growth has been primarily fueled by neighbors and friends recommending us to each other. Our second market, Dallas, is growing twice as fast as our first market did. In August, we tripled the number of homes we can service in the Dallas area.

For each of our members, the impact is palpable. Collectively, the impact is astounding: Honey Homes has now completed over 25,000 home to-dos through more than 15,000 handyperson visits. We’re knocking-off 700 tasks each week for members, on average. By our calculations, we’ve saved busy families over 6 years of time they would have otherwise spent trying to keep up with their home instead of enjoying it with loved ones.

Our product is a critical part of the Honey Homes experience for our members, our handypeople, and our internal team. To further improve our service offering, we’re welcoming Andrew Ladd to lead Product. An early employee at DoorDash, Andrew brings a wealth of experience building online products for local marketplaces. During his seven years at DoorDash, Andrew led local operations during the company’s nationwide expansion and launched DashMart, the company’s first-party grocery stores, taking the product from concept to global enterprise. By accelerating the development of new, first-in-class features, Andrew’s work will amplify the magic Honey Homes provides for our members.

One example of our commitment to innovation is our newest feature, Home Health. We’ve spent two years learning what a home really needs in terms of ongoing maintenance to run in tip-top shape. The answer is a customized home care schedule, coupled with the discipline to stick to that schedule. Each member’s handyperson will now document the unique characteristics of their appliances and home systems in under 30 minutes. Home Health then leverages Honey Homes’ proprietary software to turn those inputs into a customized home maintenance plan. As useful maintenance is required, handypeople will accomplish what’s needed during their next appointment. Without any effort required, homeowners will now benefit from cleaner air, fewer clogged drains, and higher performing, longer lasting appliances. By building the software from the ground up, and seamlessly integrating the work into our handypeople’s workflow, we believe we’ve built the first end-to-end, always-on home maintenance solution. Home Health is rolling out in October.

To our members, thank you for your support and for placing your trust in Honey Homes. Your feedback enables us to continuously evolve the quality experience and ongoing partnership we strive to provide day in and day out. Today’s news is a testament to our team’s laser focus on delivering a consistently delightful experience for homeowners and the relentless pursuit of our goals. We can’t wait to do even more for you! 

If you’re interested in creating hassle-free experiences and building a world-class company in a giant industry, check out our open roles and please reach out.

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