Honey Homes is now available in the city of San Francisco

February 13, 2024

Today, we’re announcing that Honey Homes has expanded into the city of San Francisco! Hundreds of homeowners have been asking us to bring the magic of Honey Homes to the City by the Bay over the past six months. We’re excited to simplify their homeownership journey by replacing the inconvenience and stress of home upkeep with comfort and joy.

The pull from San Francisco homeowners was overwhelming and brought us in sooner than expected. We figured it was because our tech-enabled service resonated with the audience (our mobile app lets homeowners manage their to-dos, schedule appointments, and chat with our expert team with just a few taps), but quickly learned another reason why -  the challenge of home upkeep is exacerbated by owning a home in the city. The housing stock is unique, with many homes around 100 years old, each modified and updated over the years. Many home service providers prefer to avoid San Francisco altogether, which makes it harder to find consistent, quality vendors. Combined, the decision to accelerate the launch of Honey Homes in the city and give our urban neighbors a helping hand was a no-brainer.

In order to ensure the same high quality and consistent experience our Bay Area members know us for, we’ve taken the utmost care to make sure we can deliver from the get-go. We’ve hired exceptionally skilled talent familiar with San Francisco’s unique housing stock, and pressure-tested the dense, urban environment for traffic, parking, and theft. 

Our first two San Francisco handypeople - Gerard and Jamin - have over 20 years of trade experience in and around the city combined. Their backgrounds are incredibly unique, like the residents they serve. Ask Gerard about his homeland of Ireland and Jamin about his Shakespearean acting prowess!

From the Marina to Twin Peaks and everywhere in between, we’re thrilled to begin delighting San Francisco homeowners with the trust, consistency, and flexibility that only Honey Homes can provide. We’re launching in most zip codes to start, with the remainder soon to follow.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary walk-thru with a handyperson today at www.honeyhomes.com!

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