Introducing our New Home Health Experience

November 29, 2023

Just like you need regular well-visits at the doctor, so does your home – to function smoothly and stay prepared for whatever is ahead.

Our home experts know the most important seasonal and routine tasks to tackle, but every home is different so we've created a customized approach for our members. Here’s how our Home Health Experience works:

  1. Setup Visit: In 30 minutes or less, we'll catalog your home's major systems and appliances, including photos in the app. 
  2. Custom Plan: Based on your unique systems, we create a schedule of when maintenance tasks need to be performed. 
  3. Regular maintenance: When a Home Health task comes due, we'll prompt you to add that task as the last item on your visit.

We recommend that new members add their initial “Home Health Setup” task to a visit within their first 2-3 months to ensure we can create your home’s unique plan and keep your home humming all year long.

Interested in getting started with Honey Homes? Book your free walk-thru visit today.

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