Membership Perks Calendar: Unwrapping a Winter of Joy and Comfort with Honey Homes

November 9, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, we've created a winter schedule filled with perks to spread joy and comfort to your home. Explore what's on our membership perks calendar:


Holiday Prep: Oven Deep Clean

Get ready for Thanksgiving and joyful gatherings by deep cleaning your oven to help make your kitchen shiny and meals tastier. 

Holiday Light Hanging

Add a touch of sparkle to your home and create a festive atmosphere that lasts throughout the holiday season.

Holiday Holiday Prep: Wreath and Decor Set-up

Get started on holiday decorating with this perk! Our handyman team will spend an hour hanging wreaths, setting up festive blow-up decorations, and more, turning your home into a winter wonderland that's sure to impress.


Home Health Maintenance Checkup

Just like an annual doctor's visit for your home, our routine maintenance checkups ensure that your home is running smoothly. From leaky faucets to air filter replacements, we've got the remedy to keep your home in top-notch condition.

Post-Holiday Box Breakdown

The aftermath of the holiday season often leaves us drowning in cardboard chaos. Fear not! Our handyman team can help you break down those empty boxes.


Post-Holiday Box Breakdown

Still have cardboard boxes lingering from the holidays? Our handyman team can help you break down those empty boxes.

Holiday Light Take-Down

We'll help coordinate safely and efficiently take down your holiday lights.


e-Waste Pickup

Declutter your space by responsibly disposing of electronic waste. We offer e-waste pickup, ensuring your home stays sustainable.

Pantry or Closet Organization Consult

A well-organized space is a happy space. Maximize the functionality of your pantry or closet and say goodbye to clutter.


Donation Pickup

Let us help you declutter your space by picking up your donations.

Home Health Maintenance Checkup

From cleaning your washing machine to replacing your air filter, we’re here to help prolong your appliances, reduce energy consumption, and decrease utility bills. 

From routine home maintenance to donation pickups, we've got every corner of your home covered. Your home deserves the best, and so do you. Click here to join Honey Homes and start enjoying the perks.

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