Winter-Ready Homes: 8 Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Dallas Cold Snap

January 11, 2024

Dallas homeowners: the first freeze is coming this weekend. Are you ready for the cold snap ahead? Explore essential tasks to get your home prepared for freezing temperatures.

  1. Insulate Water Pipes: Keep the heat inside by insulating water pipes, preventing freezing and potential damage. 
  2. Find Your Water Valve: Quickly shut off the water supply in case of a frozen or burst pipe to prevent extensive damage. Keep a key handy for easy access.
  3. Disconnect Garden Hoses: Prevent frozen pipes by disconnecting garden hoses to avoid expanding ice.
  4. Turn Off Sprinkler System: Prevent system damage and driveway freezing by turning off the sprinkler system.
  5. Leave Faucets on Slow Drip: Avoid frozen pipes with a slow drip, providing constant water movement.
  6. Protect Plants: Shield delicate plants from the cold by covering them with sheets or blankets.
  7. Check Alarms: Ensure safety by checking smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, especially during winter storms.
  8. Create an Emergency Kit: Prepare essentials like flashlights, batteries, shovels, blankets, and food and water supplies.

Ready to winterize your home? These simple steps will help you get started. If you need help, meet with your handyman for expert guidance. Stay warm and prepared for the cold weekend ahead!

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