Top 5 Overlooked Home Maintenance Tasks You Need To Pay Attention To Now

December 4, 2023

Amid the daily chaos of life, it's common to miss the overlooked home maintenance tasks that keep our homes safe and secure. Sealing grout, testing your sump pump, and cleaning dryer vents might not be on the top of your to-do list, but they are essential in ensuring your living space remains a haven. Check out our handyman expert guide to discover the little things in home maintenance that are easy to miss but make a big difference in keeping your home in optimal shape.

1. Sealing Grout 

Why: Many homeowners overlook the importance of regularly sealing grout in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Sealing helps prevent water penetration, reducing the risk of mold growth and extending the life of your tiles. It's a simple yet effective task that often goes unnoticed.

2. Testing Your Sump Pump 

Why: The sump pump, often neglected until a problem arises, plays a crucial role in preventing flooding during heavy rains. Regularly testing the sump pump ensures that it's in working order when you need it most. This task is particularly crucial for homes in flood-prone or rainy areas like the Bay Area.

3. Cleaning Dryer Vents

Why: Overlooked by many, cleaning dryer vents is essential for both safety and efficiency. Lint buildup in dryer vents not only creates a fire hazard but also reduces the dryer's efficiency. Regular cleaning helps prevent potential disasters and ensures your dryer operates smoothly, ultimately extending its lifespan.

4. Flushing Water Heater

Why: When gunk builds up in your water heater, it works less efficiently and might not last as long. Flushing it out gets rid of this buildup, so your water heater runs smoothly, gives you hot water when you need it, and lowers the chances of problems popping up.

5. Clean Refrigerator Coils

Why: Dust and debris buildup makes your refrigerator work harder, shortening its lifespan. By cleaning your coils, it’ll improve your energy efficiency and prevent overworking the compressor (the engine that keeps your engine cool!)

By showing a little attention to these overlooked tasks, you’ll safeguard your home from headaches and costly repairs.

Set up a walk-thru with your dedicated handyman today to address these overlooked home tasks and get your home in top shape.

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